Mountain Quail Hatching Eggs

Mountain Quail Hatching Eggs
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Mountain Quail Hatching Eggs

Oreortyx pictus


A buxom bird patterned in gray, white, and chestnut, the Mountain Quail dons a dramatic head plume-like an exclamation point on its head. It is a shy bird —easy to hear but difficult to see. They like remote mountainous areas covered with dense shrubbery. In summer, they move to woodlands as high as 10,000 feet to take advantage of abundant plant and insect life. As autumn approaches, they drop toward lower ridges or desert plains, gathering into small coveys.

The Mountain Quail’s long head plume gives a clue to its demeanor. When the plume is angled backward, the bird is ordinarily relaxed, feeding or resting, like a dog with its ears down. When the plume sticks straight up, the bird is agitated or alert.

Range: From the Rocky Mountains westward in the United States, from Washington State to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico

Habitat: They prefer terrain covered in chaparral or dense evergreen forests with thick underbrush.

Description: Mountain quail are the largest North American quail, averaging 24-26 cm in length, both sexes have crests that are sometimes described as looking like exclamation points. They have reddish faces and white bars on their flanks.

Status in the wild: Populations are stable, this species is not threatened or endangered.

Status in aviculture: Established, stable wild populations, also frequently raised in aviaries.

Breeding Season: Late March to early April, and June

Clutch Size: 6-15 eggs

Incubation Period: 24-25 days

Miscellaneous Notes: Very attractive birds that do well as long as they are kept in large aviaries with lots of greenery.


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Mountain Quail Hatching Eggs

Mountain Quail Hatching Eggs

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