Jumbo Giant Bobwhite Quail Eggs

Jumbo Giant Bobwhite Quail Eggs
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Jumbo Giant Quail eggs

** Hatching Eggs will produce a straight run of chicks *****

Purely Poultry guarantees our eggs to be a minimum of 80% Fertile upon candling and notification 3 days prior to hatch. Due to variables beyond our control, we do NOT guarantee hatch rates.

  • Egg laying all year round
  • Clutch size 12-15 eggs
  • incubation period 23-24 days
  • adaptable, seem to do well in human proximity
  • 12-14 ounces

Purely Poultry's Jumbo Giant Quail Eggs are the hybrid joy of their creator and will astound you.

These giant quails are also lovely!  They have a natural and subtle beauty that makes them a captivating addition to a bird collection and also makes them great for hunting. The Jumbo Giant Bobwhite Quail can also help in diversifying a farm operation by adding new products - Quail meat and eggs.

Bobwhite Quail are very adaptable and seem to be comfortable living in proximity to human habitations. They seem to thrive in woody edges of meadows, within multiflora rose, abandoned farms, and unused agricultural fields.

Adequate space and protection are necessary as the birds will fly, and they do not do well if overcrowded. Providing natural brush piles or hiding spots will make quail husbandry less stressful. Georgia Giant Bobwhite Quail are strong and hardy but should be provided with proper shelter in cold weather.


  • Model: GGQE

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Jumbo Giant Bobwhite Quail Eggs

Jumbo Giant Bobwhite Quail Eggs

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