Gold Coturnix Quail Set

Gold Coturnix Quail Set
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Golden Manchurians are a special color variation of Coturnix Quail, and they are sometimes just simply referred to as Gold Coturnix. The Golden Manchurian is a distinct variety with very light golden coloring. Males are lighter and more solid in color, and females are a bit darker and have more red and brown striping and patterning as well as stripes on the face. These are plump, hardy, and attractive little birds.

The Golden Manchurian coloring was first discovered and bred by Albert Marsh in 1960, a result of a natural mutation in his flock of brown-colored Coturnix Quail. The golden color is a dominant gene, so even when a golden is bred to the brown variations, you will get gold offspring.

Golden Manchurian Coturnix Quail are solid dual-purpose production birds. They can lay over 100 eggs per year beginning at about 6-7 weeks of age. They are also efficient as meat birds, reaching adult size in 6-8 weeks and weighing 3-6 ounces. Coturnix Quail are easy and simple to raise. They do not need much space and are quiet and calm. In many places where chickens may be not allowed or would be too noisy and obtrusive, quail would make a great substitute species.

Prolific eggs, quality meat, quick growth rate, and dependable reproduction make these birds perfect as a small farm enterprise or for a serious homestead. Golden Manchurian Coturnix Quail do well on a game bird or turkey starter feed.

Incubation Time: Golden Manchurian Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs will hatch in about 18 days.

Temperature/Humidity: Golden Manchurian Eggs will hatch best if incubated at 100 degrees F, decreasing to 98.5 degrees F during the final three days of incubation. Humidity should be kept at 45-55% until day 14 when it should be raised to 55-65% until the chicks hatch. Turning the eggs three times a day for the first 14 days is a solid practice. After day 14, stop turning the eggs.

Special Incubation Notes: Start up your incubator 2-3 days before your eggs are due to arrive. This gives your incubator time to come fully to temperature and to stabilize humidity levels. It is also a good practice to let your newly arrived eggs rest at room temperature for about 12 hours before placing them in an incubator. Place them large side up in a clean and dry egg carton. Incubators should be kept in a room with a constant even temperature and out of the sun.

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Gold Coturnix Quail Set

Gold Coturnix Quail Set

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