BeePods Beekeeping Complete System

BeePods Beekeeping Complete System
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If you're like us, and are worried about the declining bee population, would like to do what you can to help, and get rewarded with liquid gold (honey) on the side, then this beekeeping system is for you!  Perfect for the first-time beekeepers, this complete system package has everything you need to build your dreams of having your very own hive in no time at all!   


The Beepods Complete System includes:

Beepod Vented Top Bar Hive - Specially designed to make complicated beekeeping a thing of the past! 

Beepod Harvest Box- A mini-beepod with a variety of handy uses.

Beepod Inspection Kit- track your bees' habits and needs with our easy-to-follow checklists and notation pages all in a handy self-contained clip-board.

Beepod Hive Tool - for prying up the sticky bars

Feather Guider- Guide your bees as necessary without harming their wings.

Beepod Tabletop Bar Stand - and extra set of hands wherever you need them!

Jacket Veil - if nothing else, you will look official!

1-year Subscription to Bee-Pods Membership and all the educational resources this has to offer!


1-Year Subscription to on-call Support with Beepods expert beekeepers to get your through your entire first year of beekeeping!


This is a no-fail path to your beekeeping dreams!  Just remember to place your hive away from your chickens and we'll all be successful!





Product is flat-packed and will require assembly upon arrival.

Weight: Beepod- 32 lbs, Harvest Box-10 lbs, 

Dimensions: Beepod 112*42*32 in, Harvest Box - 60*42*32 in



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BeePods Beekeeping Complete System

BeePods Beekeeping Complete System

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