Beepods Feather Guider

Beepods Feather Guider
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Beepods Feather Guider


No smoke necessary, this Beepods Feather Guider is made by local artisans using a 100% natural turkey feather and is the best choice for guiding your bees to where you need them to be!  

Used to nudge your bees out of the way when you are working on your hive, the weighted hook is adjustable and adds ergonomic properties as well as ease-of-use. Simply bend the weighted handle to your liking and hook it to your belt, the side of the hive, or wherever is handy.. it is heavy enough to not blow away yet light enough to handle with extreme ease!

Let harmful brushes be a thing of the past and get your beautiful Feather Guider today!



Weight: 2 lbs

Dimensions: 40*8*7 in

  • Model: BPFG

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Beepods Feather Guider

Beepods Feather Guider

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