Young Chicken Farmers

Young Chicken Farmers
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Young Chicken Farmers

This book is an excellent children's book that teaches the child how to raise chickens! Excellent combo!

Raising chickens is fun and sharing the experience with your children is even better! Vickie Black writes a beautiful book to help children understand what it is like to be a farmer. The author covers topics such as "where do eggs come from," free-range and confinement, looking up the laws in owning chickens, and the assurance that you do not need to be a farmer to own a chicken. With brooding setups, health, handling techniques, adult housing, predators, nutrition, enrichment, and much more!

There are captions over beautiful photographs to help the child visualize the information and bring in excitement as well. Black provides tips and tricks so the child can be humored and stimulated at the same time. This is a beautiful book to add to your child's library. It is educational and well-written.

29 pages, Full color Photography, Published in 2013 by Beaver's Pond Press

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Young Chicken Farmers

Young Chicken Farmers

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