All Natural Egg Wipes

All Natural Egg Wipes
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Egg Wipes

Eggs are very porous and delicate. Sponges and rags can be detrimental since they can wash the bloom off the egg and cause bacteria to seep in. If you are collecting eggs for eating, you need a simple solution to wash them and not harm the eggs. With these wipes, you are still able to store your eggs on the counter! Also, a great option for your more delicate eggs, such as quail eggs. 

These All-Natural Egg Wipes come in a container of 40 towelettes. Each towelette can take care of a dozen eggs. The wipes are made out of recyclable paper that is also biodegradable and great for your compost bin. The Wipe N Wash Egg Wipes contain natural plant-derived ingredients, much safer than detergents that are used to wash eggs.

Ingredients: Water and non-ionic surfactants that are derived from corn, palm, and coconut oils as well as Natural Plant-Based Derivatives.

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All Natural Egg Wipes

All Natural Egg Wipes

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