Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl

Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl
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Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl!

Stephanie Tindell's Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl! is a 68 page book that serves as a guide to the beginner and a must for the peafowl library!

Tindle starts the book by making a list for the reader to follow before even considering peafowl. The author shares her personal experience in the first section prior to the start of the chapters.

The first section discusses proper housing of peafowl. Within this section, you will learn about the size of pens you will need, location and placement of pens, and what to do if you decide to free range your birds. Tindle discusses how it is important to have a water source and electricity near, especially for added heat. She describes building materials and cleaning pens as well. Predation is an important topic and she mentions security of coops.

The next section talks about nutrition. There is a complete diet mentioned, treats, and what to feed certain age groups of peafowl require. Health and medications are mentioned in the following section. Because peachicks are not as hardy as chickens, the author takes a moment to discuss how to prevent and treat ailments. She covers what a healthy peafowl looks like and what to look for when the bird is sick. In this section, vitamins, worms and wormers, and treatments for mites and lice are discussed in depth. Included is a table on symptoms, disease, and how to medicate or treat for it.

Incubating eggs and hatching peachicks is discussed next. The author mentions how to properly incubate and hatch out peachicks as they are quite difficult. Natural and artificial incubation is discussed, what to expect during the hatching period, and how to prepare the brooder for their arrival.

Genetics is fun and enjoyable. Peachicks come in all colors, therefore Tindle has the last section devoted to genetics. There are 225 varieties available of peafowl afterall! This section covers genetics and colors in a simple sense but in depth as well. The author uses the punnett square to help the reader understand genetics clearer. There is a variety list at the end of the section as well.

68 Pages, Black and White, 2013 by Byron's Printing Inc.

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Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl

Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl

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