Ancona Ducklings

Ancona Ducklings
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Day Old Ancona Ducklings

  • Dual purpose
  • 210-280 Eggs annually
  • Calm, smart, stay close, do not fly 
  • Drakes 7lbs Hens 5.5 pounds
  • APA not recognized 
  • Conservation status critical

 Anconas cannot be mixed with other breeds for shipping as they are sourced from a single-breed farm. 

Ever since they were featured in Carol Deppe's book, The Resilient Gardener, Ancona ducks are becoming the poster-ducks for the self-reliant lifestyle and are indeed excellent ducks for the sustainable garden, farm, and homestead. This is an extremely hardy, adaptable, and self-sufficient breed. They are excellent foragers and will make very quick work of reducing slug populations.

These spotted ducks all look different with different patterns of spots, so it makes identifying individuals in your flock easy.

 A contemporary breed – Anconas were developed in Great Britain during the twentieth century and most likely originated from mixes of the Runner duck and Huttegen duck. They only became available in the US recently, in 1984.

Anconas are white with black spots and splotches, with no pattern to the spots. The spots can occur on feet and beaks as well as on the feathers.


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Ancona Ducklings

Ancona Ducklings

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