Saxony Ducklings

Saxony Ducklings
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Day Old Saxony Ducklings

  • Dual purpose
  • 190-240 Eggs annually
  • Confident, "sassy", good foragers
  • Drakes 8lbs, Hens 7lbs
  • APA Heavy Duck

Saxony Ducks are a relatively new breed of dual-purpose duck, bred in Germany from the mallard style wild ducks. These beautiful ducks do indeed look like muted mallards with tight and smooth light colored feathers over a firm body. A Saxony Duck is a perfect example of a dual-purpose duck, laying well and growing to a large size.

A very contemporary breed, Saxony Ducks, were first developed in Eastern Germany in the early 20th century. After struggling during World War II, they were re-introduced by their original breeder, Albert Franz, and were established as a recognized breed in Germany in 1957. They were imported into the U.S. in the mid-1980s and have taken off in popularity in this country. Breeders exhibited 64 prime examples of the breed at the American Poultry Association qualifying show for admission into the Standard of Perfection in October of 2000. Admitted to the 2001 Standard.

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Saxony Ducklings

Saxony Ducklings

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