Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail Eggs

Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail Eggs
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Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail are dual-purpose quail. They can be essential production birds as well as high-quality sporting birds.

These quail were bred to create a line of quail in a larger size than most Bobwhite Quail. The meat is flavorful, with a lighter color than many other varieties of quail. Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail have a calm disposition, and they are great egg layers, laying over 100 eggs per year. Bobwhite quail lay white eggs. This production ability makes them useful additions to any operation and a great way to add product diversity to a small farm. Quail meat and eggs are both popular and in high demand in gourmet and urban circles.

Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail are also great birds for sport and hunting. They are solid flyers, being bred specifically for strong flying ability. These birds are typically flight-ready at 12 weeks old.

Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail have a calm disposition and are disease-resistant and hardy, making them the perfect birds for raising by avian enthusiasts.

Description: Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail are very traditional-looking American game birds. Although their patterned feathering of rusty browns, tans, and grays are meant to help conceal them in the woodland undergrowth, these are striking birds. Males have a bolder patterning of bright white stripes and darker brown facial markings. Females are more subdued but are very attractive birds.

Range: The natural range of wild Bobwhite Quail covers most of the United States, with different species native to different areas of the country.

Habitat: Bobwhite Quail have become accustomed to human dwellings and farms. Many have naturalized after being released by sporting clubs. They are naturally ground-dwelling and inhabit mostly overgrown meadows, woodland edges, and unused pastures.

Status in the Wild: Very common

Status in Aviculture: Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail are very popular among quail aficionados.

Breeding: Breeding season for most Bobwhites is late spring through summer. Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail are dependable breeding birds, with breeding starting at about 16 weeks old. They lay white eggs. 

Incubation: Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail eggs take between 23-24 days to hatch.

Lifespan: With good management, Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail can live 5-10 years.

Size: Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail can grow to be 12–14 ounces, almost double the size of a wild Bobwhite.

Housing Requirements: Although these birds are hardy and will do fine in most areas of the country and most weather conditions, standard protection from extreme elements as well as predators is necessary. Their enclosure should provide shelter as well as a covering as these birds will fly out. Although quail do naturally live in large social groups or coveys, be sure to provide plenty of room as they do become very stressed if overcrowded.

Diet: A diet of 24% protein is recommended. Protein from an animal source (meat) rather than all from a vegetable source (soy) is also beneficial.

Miscellaneous Notes: Bobwhite Quail have been making good use of the Multiflora Rose, which is considered invasive in most areas of the country. The Quail find the thorns and sprawling growth habit to be protective while they sleep and forage, and they can eat the hips in the winter.

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Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail Eggs

Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail Eggs

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