Breeding for Success

Breeding for Success
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Breeding for Success by Grant Brereton is a must-have book for poultry breeders looking to produce show quality examples of their breeds. This 160-page book focuses on breeding, selecting, and showing poultry, including bantams and standard-sized chickens.

Breeding for Success is rich with photos clearly demonstrating faults as well as information on how to look at and judge various breeds, as well as the types of chickens. Brereton provides information on what it takes to breed your own show-quality poultry that can win at shows, and that can produce offspring that are true representations of the breed. Although Brereton is British and refers to the British Poultry Standards in his writing, solid genetic concepts apply to any conscientious poultry breeder.

This book is also a useful manual for getting ready for a poultry show, choosing a show to compete in, understanding the art of showing poultry, figuring out what the judges are looking for, and selecting the best birds from your breeding program. After reading breeding for Success, you'll know what you need to do to win a big poultry show.

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Breeding for Success

Breeding for Success

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