Northern Bobwhite Quail Eggs

Northern Bobwhite Quail Eggs
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Colinus virginianus

Northern Bobwhite Quail are a North American classic game bird. They are beautiful little fowl. The females are subtle with pretty brown and golden markings, and the fiery males have more dramatic coloring with bright facial stripes and a spirited bearing. Bobwhite Quail lay a solid white egg. 

The population of Northern Bobwhite Quail in the wild is declining mostly because of habitat destruction. They continue to be very popular on farms, in avian collections, and for game preserves. They are primarily used for hunting purposes but are good alternative meat and egg sources for diverse farm steading operations, and they are nice additions to a collection of game birds.

Quail do fly, so a covered aviary would be necessary, and they will be much more comfortable if provided with plenty of roosting areas and some brush for privacy and security.

For hatching eggs, you will need either an incubator or a broody hen. We recommend a styrofoam tabletop style incubator for your first-time hatching eggs. We recommend an automatic turner for 12 or more eggs.

Incubation Time: The attractive speckled eggs of Northern Bobwhite Quail take between 22-24 days to hatch.

Temperature/Humidity: Northern Bobwhite Quail Hatching Eggs will hatch best at 99.5 degrees F, decreasing to 98.5 degrees F during the final three days of incubation. Humidity should be kept at 45-55% until day 20 when it should be raised to 60-65% until the chicks hatch. Turning the eggs 3 times a day for the first 20 days is a solid practice. After day 20, stop turning the eggs.

Special Incubation Notes: Start up your incubator 2-3 days before your eggs are due to arrive. This gives your incubator time to fully come to temperature and to stabilize humidity levels. It is also a good practice to let your newly arrived eggs rest at room temperature for about 12 hours before placing them in an incubator. Place them large side up in a clean and dry egg carton. Incubators should be kept in a room with a constant even temperature and out of the sun.

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Northern Bobwhite Quail Eggs

Northern Bobwhite Quail Eggs

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