Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens

Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens
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Golden Cuckoo Maran

  • Dual Purpose 
  • 150-180 Eggs dark eggs annually
  • Friendly, amiable
  • Cockerel 7 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs
  • APA not recognized

The Golden Cuckoo color variation is one of the  new Marans varieties, and it is truly striking. Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens have golden cuckooing and striping that varies in the shade as it moves over the birds. Hens have lighter golden heads and necks that change into a gray, silver cuckoo pattern with deep golden spangled throughout. The tails of the hens are dark with some light edging. Roosters are very flashy with large combs and wattles and bright golden and copper striping from the head and over the shoulders, wings, and saddle. Tails are blue-gray. Both sexes have pinkish horn-colored beaks and legs. Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens have clean legs. Male chicks are usually a bit lighter than females which make early sexing easy.

Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens are great in both backyard or small farm settings or larger production-styled settings. They are hardy and strong birds and do well on forage. Also, because of the increasing popularity of the breed, they would be great birds for breeding and selling as hatching eggs or as chicks.

The Marans Chicken breed is known to have been developed in a town called, Marans, in France. Marans is located on the west coast which is notoriously wet and cold, and this hardy breed was created during the early 1800s from French game birds and Langshans. It wasn't until the 1990s in America that the Golden Cuckoo color variation was developed, and the lines are still in the early stages of development.


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Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens

Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens

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