White African Geese

White African Geese
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White African Goslings

  • General Purpose
  • 20-40 eggs annually
  • Friendly, good natured,hand raised can be quite tame
  • Gander 22 LBS Dame 18 lbs
  • APA Heavy Goose

White African Geese will not ship to Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, West Virginia, Washington, or Virginia.

Although these magnificent geese are called African, they originate from China and are most closely related to the Chinese Goose. White African Geese are large, impressive birds. They have a muscular appearance and a pleasant disposition. They are truly the sentinels of the poultry yard.

Adding to their imposing look is a crescent-shaped dewlap, which hangs below their bill and head. Perhaps their most distinctive characteristic is the large knob over their bill. These are not chubby birds - they are trim and streamlined yet heavy, appearing vital and strong.

Production: White African Geese are beautiful as ornamental specimens, but they are also highly prized as production birds. Their meat is lean and flavorful and is prized for roasting. A young gander can weigh up to 16-18 pounds at 18 weeks old. And although they do not produce the number of eggs that chickens or ducks do, the White African Goose is capable of laying 35 to 45 very large, 5-8 ounce eggs per year. They are also long-lived birds and will lay for many years with good husbandry. Ganders form strong bonds and can be paired up with two to six females.

Although there is some speculation, the White African Goose, like the Chinese Goose, is a descendent of the Swan Goose of Southeast Asia. The African Goose was selectively bred for a bulkier, broad, and muscular build. Throughout the centuries, the breed has been very popular worldwide and made it into the United States in the mid-1800s. The Gray African Goose was admitted into the APA in 1874. White is a much more rare color and was recently admitted into the APA in 1987.




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White African Geese

White African Geese

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