White Marans Chickens

White Marans Chickens
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White Marans Chickens

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White Marans Chickens are wonderful backyard and small farm chickens, and they lay lovely very dark brown eggs and lots of them!

Although the Cuckoo and Black Copper Marans seem much more common, the White Marans are a wonderful variation of the Marans breed. These are beautiful and hardy large fowl, with large full-bodied and smooth white feathering. Feathering is lush and thick. Legs are pale gray-pink in color and non-feathered.

Production: The Marans Chicken is a classic and traditional dual-purpose chicken. These birds will lay 150 - 180 eggs per year. Marans eggs are very dark and add variety and a farm-fresh look to a carton of mixed heritage breed eggs. White Marans Chickens are also fast growers and make solid meat birds, with lots of flavorful dark meat on the carcass.

Temperament: White Marans Chickens are considered by many to be the friendliest and most gentle of all the Marans varieties. They are effective foragers and amiable with other breeds of poultry. Roosters are serious about their responsibilities and protective but are not overly aggressive in general. Hens sometimes go broody and make good mothers.

History: The Marans breed originated in the French town called Marans. Marans is a cold and damp town on the western coast of France, and that is why the breed is so cold-hardy. Marans chickens were created from breeding Langshans with ancient lines of old French game birds. The Marans breed appeared in North America in the twentieth century and has been gaining in popularity ever since.

Conservation Status: Not Applicable

Body Type: The White Marans Chicken is a sturdy-looking and heavy fowl. They have solid-looking bodies with short but full tails. Feathering is hard and tight but very full. Beaks are pinkish-gray, chunky, and stout. They have red straight upright combs and large bright red wattles.

Weight: Cockerel 7 lbs, Pullet 6 lbs

APA Class: The White variety has not yet been recognized by APA; however the Wheaten and Black Copper were recently admitted into the Continental Class in 2011.

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White Marans Chickens

White Marans Chickens

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