White Duclair Ducklings

White Duclair Ducklings
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The French have been perfecting the breeding of ducks for the tastiest flavor in various regions for centuries. The Duclair is the result of such breedings from the Northern areas of France, mainly Normandy. The flavor of Duclair Ducks has been celebrated by chefs in France and New York City for centuries is considered one of the best flavored of all ducks. 

Production: Duclairs are mainly grown for their meat, the flavor of which has been described as complex, rich, and earthy. These ducks are in high demand by chefs and gourmets. These ducks are quick growers; by 7 to 12 weeks of age, they should weigh between 5 and 6 pounds and be ready for processing. Although celebrated for their meat, Duclairs are also very good layers. One can expect 80-100 eggs or more per year. They lay beautiful, green-colored, large eggs.  

Temperament: Duclairs are great ducks for large production or small micro-farms and backyard flocks. They are non-aggressive and friendly in general. They are also effective foragers and are great at ridding yards of slugs and snails.

History: Duclairs were originally domesticated and bred from flocks of migrating ducks moving through northern France. This French heritage breed has been further perfected in New York State. 

Colors: These Duclairs are white. They look very similar to Pekins just smaller. They have orange bills and legs and large dark eyes. The original French Duclairs are colored mostly black or blue with a white bib, but this particular strain is bred to be all white to make processing easier and to get truly beautiful table birds. 

Conservation Status: NA 

Body Type: Duclair Ducks are medium-sized and stocky ducks. They are hardy and vigorous with strong legs. Drakes have large rounded heads. Females are a bit smaller.

Weights: Males 6-7 lbs; Females 5-6 lbs.

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White Duclair Ducklings

White Duclair Ducklings

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