Pekin Duck Eggs

Pekin Duck Eggs
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Pekin Duck Hatching Eggs

Pekin Ducks are the duck that most people think of when you mention ducks. They are big with dense feathers that are pure white. They have yellow-orange bills and feet, which are darker when the ducks have access to grass. 

Pekins have been being farmed for meat and eggs in China since 2500 BC. The city of Beijing was originally named Pekin. They were first imported into America in the 1870s, and since their introduction, Pekins have been a hit.

Pekins are now the backbone of the duck meat industry in this country. They produce excellent quality meat with good feed conversion. At six weeks old, birds can weigh 7 pounds, and at full maturity, they can reach weights over 10 pounds. 

Pekin Ducks are also solid egg layers. They usually do not go broody. Duck eggs are picking up a lot of popularity as people are starting to recognize their virtues.  

The duck who stars in the Aflac commercials is a Pekin Duck, and indeed Pekins are a gregarious and fun breed of duck. These birds do very well in all sorts of environments. They enjoy pasture and do well free-ranging. They also love water and mud. They are chatty and entertaining. 

Hatching eggs will hatch after 28 days of incubation. Ducklings are the archetypal yellow darlings and tend to be gregarious right from the get-go!

Pekins are truly many-purpose birds and are great fits for all sorts of farms and homesteads.

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Pekin Duck Eggs

Pekin Duck Eggs

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