Poultry Nipples 4-pack

Poultry Nipples 4-pack
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Chickens are very good at learning how to drink from nipples. Many individuals prefer to use nipples for sanitary reasons--you can set up a system where the waterer can be completely covered and clean at all times.  

You will need to work with your chickens a bit to get them trained. First, remove all other water sources. Then tap the nipples, so some water drips out. Be sure the hens see the water. Usually, after one or two birds start using it, the others will too. 

These Poultry Nipples can replace the nipples on the Hen Hydrator. Or, you can create your own hydration system and use these Poultry Nipples to transform some PVC piping or any standard bucket into a poultry waterer. These nipples are easy to install and should be vertically mounted. 

Clean water means less worry about disease. Plan on setting up enough nipples to allow four chickens per nipple. This nipple-style watering system is recommended for adult chickens only.

If soiled and dirty waterers make you cringe, devising a nipple style waterer may be perfect for you!

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Poultry Nipples 4-pack

Poultry Nipples 4-pack

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