Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layers

Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layers
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Day Old Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layer Chicks

Hatchery choice means those that have not been sold as specific breeds or varieties. We do not guarantee a variety. It is possible to get all of one kind. We do not mark or record the kind sent.

Perhaps you just want dark brown egg layers to add some pizazz and diversity to your egg cartons. Maybe you just can't decide which of the beautiful and rare dark egg-laying breeds to choose. Perhaps you are budget conscious and would like to take advantage of abundant hatching discounts. Or all of the above!

No matter what reason, ordering Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layers makes a lot of sense!  

When you order these Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layer Chicks, you will receive one or more various dark brown egg layers.  Breeds can include but are not limited to Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Black Marans, Wheaten Marans, Welsummers, or Barnevelders. You may get a big mix of these dark egg-laying breeds. Please note that we are unable to guarantee particular varieties. And remember that you may get all of a single breed. We also cannot record or mark which breeds of chick you are sent. 

What we can promise is that these Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layers will be great layers of dark brown eggs. These rare and quite hard-to-find breeds are becoming very popular as people are looking for exciting and pretty egg color combinations. Some of these breeds have the capability of laying terra-cotta or chocolate-colored eggs sometimes with speckling or spots. 

These dark egg-laying breeds are also all hardy breeds of chicken, originally bred for vigorous health and dependable production. They can be used as dual-purpose birds, for eggs and meat. And they are heritage breeds with long histories of being useful parts of small farms and homesteads. They tend to have friendly and calm personalities and make good backyard and pet chickens. You really can't go wrong with any of these fabulous dark egg-laying breeds.

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Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layers

Hatchery Choice Dark Brown Egg Layers

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