Classic Roman Geese

Classic Roman Geese
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Day Old Classic Roman Goslings 

  • General Purpose
  • 28-30 Eggs Annually
  • Known to be one of the calmest geese, charming, friendly
  • Gander 10 lbs Dame 9 lbs
  • Light Goose

Our Classic Roman Geese are very similar birds to our Tufted Roman Geese. The Classic Romans do not have tufts though. The original Roman Geese were developed in Rome over two thousand years ago and were tuft-less. In America, the Roman Goose was developed with a tuft and most Romans you find in the U.S. are tufted. These Classic Roman Geese are elegant birds and are the epitome of a goose. Roman Geese have been well-respected and depended upon for thousands of years.

The Roman Goose has been a revered and historical animal, being featured in Roman mythology and associated with the Roman Goddess Juno, of light, marriage, and childbirth. Romans still tell stories of how their geese saved the city in 365 BC from an attack by the Gauls by giving out a warning cry. Since ancient Rome, the Roman Goose has made its way across the world. They are one of the oldest domesticated breeds of poultry. Roman Geese were admitted into the APA in 1977.  


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Classic Roman Geese

Classic Roman Geese

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