Golden Layer Duck Eggs

Golden Layer Duck Eggs
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Golden Layer Ducks are a special hybrid duck that can truly be labeled one of the most efficient egg layer ducks. If you prefer white ducks, we also have hatching eggs available of our White Layer Duck, another super-efficient and very productive hybrid duck.

Golden Layer Ducks can outlay Khaki Campbells - and can easily lay 220 to 245 eggs per year. Their eggs are also usually larger than most other high production egg-laying ducks - they can weigh 2.9 ounces on average. 

Golden Layer Ducks are very calm and collected ducks. They are hardy and adaptable and will do well in most environments. They are less excitable than Khaki Campbells.

These Golden Layers are very attractive ducks. Males are dark black-brown with a white bib and yellowish bill. Females are a golden fawn color and have a gray bill. Female Golden Layers can range quite a bit in color from light to dark, often with white patches. A flock of Golden Layers can look very diverse. 

Ducklings of this hybrid are sex-linked. So males are different darker hues of black and gray, and female ducklings are hues of brown. Because Golden Layer Ducks are hybrids, this sex-linking trait will not carry on to the next set of offspring if you breed two Golden Layer Ducks. 

Golden Layer Duck Hatching Eggs would be a great way to start an egg-selling business.

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Golden Layer Duck Eggs

Golden Layer Duck Eggs

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