Black Swedish Duck Eggs

Black Swedish Duck Eggs
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Black Swedish Ducks, with their striking black and white patterning, are one of those types of birds that just look breathtaking in a big flock. It makes a lot of sense to start your big flock of Black Swedes with economical hatching eggs.

You don't need a huge flock though to get the visual effect or to reap the benefits of raising these beautiful ducks. Black Swedish Ducks are mostly black but with a white bib on the front of the neck and upper chest. Males will have a green sheen to their head feathers.

Black Swedish Ducks are very hardy and robust, being originally developed in the Northern reaches of Europe. They do very well foraging and free-ranging and are smart and savvy ducks. 

Black Swedish Ducks are a solid choice of an all-purpose fowl. They lay up to 180 eggs per year. They are also large ducks, and great meat birds, reaching a table weight of 5-7 pounds in 16 weeks. 

Black Swedish Ducks have nice temperaments, not too shy but wary. Females are usually good mothers.

Unlike Blue Swedes which can be tricky to breed, Black Swedes are straightforward; two Black Swedes will produce black colored ducklings. Black Swedish Ducks are not yet admitted into the APA. The black-colored Swedish Ducks are used to create the Blue Swedish Ducks, as they carry the blue gene recessively. 

Black Swedish Ducks are great backyard birds and good for adding to your farm's production. Be sure to provide these birds with water for bathing and swimming. 

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Black Swedish Duck Eggs

Black Swedish Duck Eggs

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