Chocolate Runner Duck Eggs

Chocolate Runner Duck Eggs
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Runner Ducks were developed thousands of years ago in Southeast Asia. They were bred to be able to accompany farmers to the rice fields and also to lay lots of high-quality eggs. 

The upright stance of the Runner Duck is a part of their original breeding - they needed to travel for long distances on land as well as do well while hunting and foraging in the watery rice fields. Their upright stance is the main distinguishing feature of the Runner Duck. Watching a group of Runner Ducks move about the farm is such a fun experience. 

Runner Ducks come in a variety of attractive colors, and the Chocolate Runner Duck is particularly attractive. Chocolate Runner Ducks are pure, even brown over their entire bodies. They have dark brown bills and lighter brown feet and legs. Their eyes are also dark brown. The ducklings that will hatch out of your eggs will also be pure brown. Females are slightly lighter in color than males, so the flock will have a chocolate-like feel. 

Chocolate Runner Ducks will seem whimsical, but these are smart ducks. They are great at avoiding predation. They are fast and will energetically forage every chance they get. They also lay 100 to 180 eggs per year.

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Chocolate Runner Duck Eggs

Chocolate Runner Duck Eggs

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