Egg Lover's Basket

Egg Lover's Basket
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As wonderful as it is to simply raise chickens for the pure enjoyment that they provide in our backyards and on our farms, having fresh eggs is usually the driving force that makes us start raising chickens. We find that we are egg-obsessed as well as poultry-obsessed around here! 

We've pulled together a gift basket that celebrates the egg! In this basket, you'll find our favorite and most popular items for getting lots of eggs from your hens as well as for harvesting and displaying your beautiful eggs! 

Our Egg Lover's Basket contains all you need to produce great eggs in large quantities! You'll get a bag of our favorite brand of Oyster Shell, a necessary supplement for hens that will help in developing nice strong shells on their eggs. You'll also get a bag of our Omega Egg Maker Supplement. This supplement will provide your hens with optimal nutrition, so they stay healthy while producing eggs. It is also high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and other natural ingredients adding diversity to your hens' diet and imparting their eggs with nutrient density and dark vibrant yolks! 

In case your young hens need some laying inspiration, we are including Ceramic Eggs. You can put these into the nest boxes to show young hens where to lay their eggs and encourage them to start laying. Once your hens are laying, you can then use these Ceramic Eggs as decorations.

For harvesting your eggs, you'll get our very attractive Large Egg Basket, as well as a pack of Egg Wipes for cleaning your eggs. We are also including Egg Cartons so you can pack some eggs up for your friends and family.

And we are including our Skelter - our favorite way to display and keep our eggs. Skelters are very traditional egg holders in an attractive spiral shape. The older eggs are at the bottom of the spiral, so you know to use them first. A Skelter of colored eggs on the kitchen counter creates a 'country kitchen look and feel, and it is useful too! 

Get all your egg supplies in one basket! Our Egg Lover's Basket would make a great gift for the poultry person in your life, or for yourself! 

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Egg Lover's Basket

Egg Lover's Basket

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