Ameraucana Chickens

Ameraucana Chickens
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Day Old  Ameraucana Baby Chicks

Hatching March to August

 Ameraucana Chickens are great all-around small farm birds. These  Ameraucanas are pure-bred and will breed true  Ameraucanas.  Ameraucanas lay beautiful blue-green eggs that add pizazz to any egg carton. These birds are shiny, with varying shades of blues and reds and black with slate-black legs. They have a pea comb.  Ameraucanas have the distinguishing facial features of fuzzy beards and muffs. Young birds may have some white or red feathering.

Production:  Ameraucanas are solid and dependable layers, laying 200-280 medium to large-sized eggs in blue or green-tinted color. They are also good foragers and very hardy birds, laying well even in cold weather.

Temperament: Like all colors of Ameraucana, these Chickens are friendly and sociable birds, getting along fine with other fowl, farm animals, and children. Hens can get broody and sometimes defend their nest aggressively. But they make great mothers.

History: These  Ameraucanas are true pure-bred Ameraucanas; not Easter Eggers. There is a ton of mislabeling when it comes to chickens that lay blue and green eggs. A lot of people call any chicken that lays a blue or green egg an Ameraucana or an Araucana, but these mixed breed chickens should be referred to as Easter Eggers. Despite all the mix-up, the Ameraucana is an official APA Breed although it is a rather new breed. 

Ameraucanas originated from mixed-breed, almost feral, chickens imported from Chili into the U.S. in the 1970s. So actually you could say that Ameraucanas originated from Easter Eggers. But the breed was carefully developed, retaining the great egg color, but breeding out the ear tuffs and rumplessness (no tails) of the similar, Araucana breed. Araucanas also carry a lethal gene that was undesirable to the earlier developers of the Ameraucana. The Ameraucana breed is a healthy and hearty, as well as an attractive, chicken with an easily recognizable style. Eight colors of Ameraucanas, including Black, with their beards, tails, and muffs, were admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1984. 

APA Class: All Other Standard Breeds

Conservation Status: Not applicable; too new.

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Ameraucana Chickens

Ameraucana Chickens

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