Jumbo Coturnix Quail Hatching Set

Jumbo Coturnix Quail Hatching Set
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Jumbo Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs Details

If you're looking for quick eggs, chicks, meat, or just fun, then these quail are what you need.  Quail may be the ultimate in dual-purpose birds. They lay lots of eggs and start laying at just 8 weeks of age!  Quail is an excellent and delicious source of protein at a young age as well.  They don't take up too much space and, maybe the best part for some. They're so quiet!  Definitely not going to annoy your neighbors with these little guys.

Our Jumbo Coturnix Quail are the largest variety we have! Considered the fastest growing and largest of quail varieties, they average 12oz+ at just 6 weeks and over 14oz at full maturity. Not just their size but the eggs are huge averaging 16 grams! If you want to raise quail for meat and eggs look no further. This is what you need!

These Jumbo Coturnix come in a variety including Wilds, Whites, White Wings, Egyptians, and Sex Link. They are easy and fun to take care of and are sweet and gentle. All these wonderful qualities in a beautiful little bird that won't crow at dawn!  


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Jumbo Coturnix Quail Hatching Set

Jumbo Coturnix Quail Hatching Set

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