Austra White Hatching Eggs

Austra White Hatching Eggs
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Austra White Chicken Hatching Eggs

** Hatching Eggs will produce a straight run of chicks *****

Purely Poultry guarantees our eggs to be a minimum of 80% Fertile upon candling prior to hatch and notifying us 3 days prior to hatch. Due to variables beyond our control, we do NOT guarantee hatch rates.

  • Dual Purpose
  • 250+ White Eggs Annually
  • Tame and Docile
  • Cokerel 5.5 lbs  Pullet 3.5 lbs
  • APA not recognized  Hybrid

The Austra White is a cross between a Black Australorp and White Leghorns. It is a chicken developed for people who desire an abundance of white eggs and a calm hen to produce them.

History: Austra Whites were developed in the early 1900s. Many people who raise Leghorns do so because they want a prolific layer of white eggs, but then find they do not like the nervous and flighty nature of the breed.

 Because it is a crossbreed, or a hybrid, and not a true breed, it is best to plan on ordering more when you are ready to expand your flock, rather than trying to breed more yourself. Mating a male Austra White with a female Austra White will not result in Austra White chicks.

While Austra Whites are calm and excellent layers, they are not recognized by the American Poultry Association because they are not a true breed.


  • Model: AWHE

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March thru May


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Austra White Hatching Eggs

Austra White Hatching Eggs

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