Delaware Chicken Hatching Eggs

Delaware Chicken Hatching Eggs
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Delaware Chicken Hatching Eggs

** Hatching Eggs will produce a straight run of chicks *****

Purely Poultry guarantees our eggs to be a minimum of 80% Fertile upon candling and notification 3 days prior to hatch. Due to variables beyond our control, we do NOT guarantee hatch rates.

  • Dual purpose
  • 200-280 Eggs annually 
  • Friendly, calm, good foragers
  • Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs
  • APA American
  • Conservation status threatened


George Ellis bred Barred Plymouth Rock Males with New Hampshire females. The offspring were called "silver sports," and it was the offspring of those chickens that became the breed of Delaware chickens. The breed was accepted into the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1952.

Delaware chickens are considered a threatened species. There is not much quality breeding stock across the country. The breed was developed for the same reasons Cornish Crosses were, and the popularity of the Cornish Cross eclipsed the Delawares. Now the breed is slowly beginning to find its way into more backyard flocks, due to its hardiness, beauty, and usefulness.


  • Model: DCHE

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March thru May


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Delaware Chicken Hatching Eggs

Delaware Chicken Hatching Eggs

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