Chicken Guard Self Locking Door and Opener Combo

Chicken Guard Self Locking Door and Opener Combo
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Chicken Guard Self-Locking Door and Opener Combo

We all wanna keep our valued chickens safe.  Some of us wanna keep them safe AND go out of town or just not have to trudge out in the weather to close the coop door.  Behold the Chicken Guard self-locking door with the automatic opener and closer!!  This thing is the bee's knees!

The opener is an easy-to-install device that is weather-proof and runs on batteries or can be electrically powered via USB (cable not included but available if you're interested).  It can be set using a timer OR with a light sensor or both!  Even if you're not home, your girls (and roos) can be securely released in the morning and locked up tight in the evening to keep them safe from wandering raccoons with their opposable thumbs- or whatever other predators come their way. 

Don't worry, there are big manual buttons to use so you can open and close this thing at-will, and you can do it with your gloves on!  All Chicken Guard doors carry a 3 Year Warranty, but are built to last much longer and they have a lifetime of support included. 

They even have an automatic stop feature just in case your chicken can't decide between in or out and ends up in the doorway a little too long. 

There are two options .. a Premium door and lock combo that lifts up to 5 lbs ( and weights 5 lbs, too, by the way), or an Extreme option that lifts up to 8lbs so that when it's covered in ice, it'll still open (and it weighs 5lbs, too).  

Call and talk to one of our reps today about your Chicken Guard door system!  They are easy to install and will seriously change the game for the not-so-home-body chicken keeper!

  • Model: CGDS

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Chicken Guard Self Locking Door and Opener Combo

Chicken Guard Self Locking Door and Opener Combo

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