Buff Orpington Bantams

Buff Orpington Bantams
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Day Old Buff Orpington Bantam Chicks

Hatching mid-February to June.

It is well known that the Orpington is one of the best pet chicken breeds, and the bantam size is no exception. Buff Orpington Bantams make wonderful pet chickens and are beautiful and striking additions to the backyard or garden. A flock of these golden birds foraging and ranging on a green lawn is just a sight to behold.

Buff Orpington Bantams are hardy and robust in the United States.

Production: Even though Buff Orpington Bantams are raised mainly as pets or ornamentals, they will lay a good amount of light brown eggs, in bantam size. They consume less feed than the standard versions, and so their egg production is nicely economical.

Temperament: Buff Orpington Bantams are inquisitive, friendly, and bold little birds. They are docile and content even in confined conditions.

History: Standard Orpingtons have a long history in Great Britain and the bantam versions share this tradition. John Burdett is considered a major force in the development of the Orpington Bantams, performing the original breeding-down from the standard size. The second phase of breed creation involved crossing to Cochin and Wyandottes. The Buff coloring in the bantam size was created around the turn of the century. The APA recognized Buff Orpington Bantams in 1960.

Colors: Buff Orpington Bantams are the traditional buff color - a bright, golden tan color with subtle accents on the feathers of shiny bronze. Buff Orpington Bantams have pinkish legs and beaks and red combs, ear lobes, and wattles. Chicks are all yellow.

Conservation Status: Not applicable to bantams

Weight: Cockerel 34 oz, Pullet 30 oz

APA Class: Single Comb Clean Legged

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Buff Orpington Bantams

Buff Orpington Bantams

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