White Face Black Spanish Bantams

White Face Black Spanish Bantams
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Day Old White Face Black Spanish Bantams

  • Exhibition/pet
  • 3-4 eggs per week
  • Rare , wilder breed
  • Cockerel 27 oz, Pullet 24 oz
  • APA Single comb clean legged 

The White Face Black Spanish Bantam is a miniature size of the White-Faced Black Spanish Standard poultry breed. A Mediterranean old class breed noted for their large white face and ear-lobes and are a great show bird. The White features should be fully developed within 12 months. The White Face Black Spanish Bantam breed was admitted to the Standard in 1960. There is a Standard White Faced Black Spanish, however; we offer the Bantam White Faced Black Spanish. White-Faced Black Spanish Bantams are a very rare and attractive breed. Males weigh 30 ounces with an erect stance and flowing tail feathers. Females weigh 26 ounces are equally beautiful, prolific layers of white eggs.

Templeton describes (1963 how he originated the White-Faced Black Spanish bantam: In 1952 I became interested in the White-Faced Black Spanish Bantam but was unable to locate a breeder so I decided to make my own strain of White Faced Black Spanish Bantams. I first secured a large fowl Spanish cock from Dorothy Piper, Taylor, Michigan, and used some of my own Black Rosecomb bantams which had large white earlobes. I met many disappointments with the offspring having rose combs and large frames. I finally selected one of my best single combe cock crossbreds and mated him to several Single Comb Black Leghorn bantam hens. The offspring from this cross were small but had no white in the face. This cross did result in a good strain of Black Minorca bantams which have been shown with success. I visited a show in 1959 and brought home some Black Old English games with positive white in the face. I purchased a small, excellent type large fowl White Faced Black Spanish cock. My next effort was a cross of my half-cross male with the Black Old English Game hens. This mating gave birds almost as small as the Game bantam hens and with some white in the face. I selected the best pullets and mated them with the purebred large Spanish fowl and to my surprise, the offspring were small with over 80 percent possessing solid white faces. (As you would want in White Faced Black Spanish Bantams.)


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White Face Black Spanish Bantams

White Face Black Spanish Bantams

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