Golden Campine Chickens

Golden Campine Chickens
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Day Old Golden Campine Baby Chicks

  • Egg Layer
  • 150 Eggs Annually
  • Not affectionate, independent, don't like much human interaction
  • Cockerel 5 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs
  • APA Continental
  • Conservancy Status: Critical.

Golden Campines are beautiful! They are also full of individual character and might surprise you with their independence and audacity.

Campines originated in Belgium, and have been bred there for hundreds of years. Interestingly, a bit of research into the breed reveals quite a bit of conflicting information. Campines come from an area of Belgium that is noted for its poor soil and have existed since before the time of Julius Caesar, and so must be a hardy breed. Yet, some sources report that they were never popular in the United States because they were “not found to be rugged.”

The same sort of conflict exists surrounding the breed’s laying ability. One explanation for their lack of popularity is that they are not good layers, but two excellent, reputable sources say that they are quite productive. The Livestock Conservancy reports that they will lay “150+” eggs per year, and Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds says they are “excellent” layers and that you can expect upwards of 200 eggs per year from one Campine hen.

Not many breeds have been removed from the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection, but the Campine can claim that dubious distinction. The first Campines imported to the United States arrived in 1893. By 1898, the breed had been dropped from the Standard, because it was not popular. In the UK, however, people took to the Campine and breeders worked on improvement. By 1907, more Campines were imported into the US, but, oddly still failed to catch on. There were once again added to the APA’s Standard of Perfection in 1914.


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Golden Campine Chickens

Golden Campine Chickens

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