Guide to Better Hatching

Guide to Better Hatching
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A Guide to Better Hatching - 2012 Revised Edition

A Guide to Better Hatching by Janet Stromberg is probably the most-read book by people wanting to try incubating eggs ever. Short, easy to read, concise, and clear, you will find all the information you will need to successfully hatch eggs within the 100 pages of this classic poultry book.

This is the revised edition of A Guide to Better Hatching, which has been fully updated.

A Guide to Better Hatching presents clear and detailed steps to successful incubation techniques. Topics covered include the selection of eggs, egg care before incubation starts, candling and embryo development, troubleshooting, fertility management, management of breeding stock, the 10 commandments for successful hatching, sanitation, artificial insemination of poultry, a hatching timetable, and more.

A Guide to Better Hatching is good for beginners or experienced hatchers. Covers all sorts of poultry beyond chickens. Also includes useful black and white photography. Softcover.

No beginner at incubation should be without this book. And everyone should have a copy right next to the incubator! A Guide to Better Hatching was originally published in 1977 and is truly a classic poultry text.

  • Model: HATC
  • Manufactured by: Strombergs

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Guide to Better Hatching

Guide to Better Hatching

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