Ducks and Geese at Home

Ducks and Geese at Home
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Ducks and Geese at Home Book

Ducks and Geese at Home by author, Michael Roberts is another wonderful guide in the much loved and appreciated Gold Cockerel Series of Poultry books. 

Ducks and Geese at Home is a precise guide to raising domestic types of ducks and geese. It is mainly geared toward the small farm or homestead and for people who are raising a small number of various waterfowl. Chapters include solid information on breeds, integrating different breeds and species, different methods and ways of raising healthy ducks and geese, breeding, hatching and incubation, and general husbandry. There is also some information on dealing with disease and issues. Marketing duck and goose products and exhibition tips are also included. 

Besides the clear and concise information, Ducks and Geese at Home feature exquisite photography. 53 pages.

  • Model: DGAH
  • Manufactured by: Gold Cockerel

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Ducks and Geese at Home

Ducks and Geese at Home

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