Lavender Guinea Keets

Lavender Guinea Keets
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Day Old Lavender Guinea Keets

Hatching May to August

If you are looking for a pest controller and something beautiful to look at, the lavender guinea fowl is a great option. The lavender guinea fowl is a beautiful icy grey-colored bird with a bluish hint to it with white polka dot pearling. Being loud and territorial, the guinea fowl makes a good addition to a homestead to reduce insect populations and drive off intruders.

Production: Lavender guinea fowl are seasonal layers, laying approximately 60-100 eggs each season. The eggs are tough and ovoid in shape. Guinea hens can go broody and raise their own young.

Temperament: Guinea fowl are alert and flighty. They do well in large housing or free-range due to their behavior. They get along with other flock members or livestock if raised with them. They do best in groups of their own kind.

History: The Spanish brought guinea fowl to the United States in the early 1500s. In the 1900s many new colors were developed, lavender is one of them.

Colors: Light grey, or lavender with distinct pearl markings. Their shanks and toes are light gray to orange in color.

Standard Weights: Male 4 lbs, Hen 3.5 lbs, Cockerel 3.5 lbs, Pullet 3.0 lbs

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Lavender Guinea Keets

Lavender Guinea Keets

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