Black Breasted Red Phoenix Chickens

Black Breasted Red Phoenix Chickens
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Day Old Black Breasted Red Phoenix Baby Chicks

  • Mainly Exhibition
  • 45-50 small eggs annually
  • Talkative, lively, handles confinement well 
  • Cockerel 4.5 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs
  • APA Class: All Other Standard Breeds
  • Conservation Status :  Threatened

Bring a touch of royalty to your backyard coop. Day-old baby Black Breasted Red Phoenix chickens are a wonderful addition to any flock. They make excellent pet chickens.

The Black Breasted Red Phoenix chickens were developed from the Japanese Onagadori long-tailed chicken. In the United States, the tails of males can reach four to five feet in length. The feathers molt every second year.

Some of the pet chickens in a backyard coop have an extremely calm manner. Young children can easily hold these pet chickens. They handle heat well. They need a warm backyard coop in winter so the tails will not freeze. This chicken breed handles confinement well. The hens do go broody.

The Phoenix pet chickens have beautiful color combinations. The breast is black. The neck, shoulder and long saddle hackle feathers are red. The shanks are yellow or slate in color, and the skin is yellow. They look beautiful in a backyard coop. The Black Breasted Red Phoenix chickens have the distinction of tail feathers that are long and gorgeous. This unusual pet chicken can add its beauty to any backyard coop. 




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Black Breasted Red Phoenix Chickens

Black Breasted Red Phoenix Chickens

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