Reeves Pheasants

Reeves Pheasants
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Reeves's Pheasant

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  • Exhibition/pleasure
  • 6-10 Eggs Per clutch
  • Breeding season April-July
  • Incubation period 24-25 days
  • Can be agressive, especially during breeding season~chicks should be kept away from other breeds as well 
  • 3 pound average 

These beautiful birds originate from fragmented areas in the mountainous region of central China.  Areas of Mountains with heavy forest cover. 

The male Reeves's Pheasant is quite recognizable, despite the fact that there is a great deal of variation in the feather patterning. A male Reeves's Pheasant holds the current Guinness Book World Record for having the longest tail - some reach over six feet in length.

Males are generally golden with black markings that almost form a lace pattern. Sometimes the dark feathers are dark green instead of black, and some have a band on the face, while others do not. Some experts believe these variations are a result of inbreeding that is occurring due to a rapid decline in the wild population.

Reeves's Pheasants are disappearing at an alarming rate, mostly due to deforestation in their native habitat combined with the fact they have a relatively small natural habitat, to begin with. Attempts have been made to release them in other areas, such as Hawaii, but so far these projects have not worked.

With tails that can reach six feet long, Reeves's need large aviaries, with plenty of room to move around. Females nest on the ground, but they prefer to roost high up in trees.

Mud is bad for those beautiful tail feathers. Reeves's are quite hardy when it comes to temperature, but need to be able to stay dry.






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Reeves Pheasants

Reeves Pheasants

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