Hatchery Choice Feather Legged Bantams

Hatchery Choice Feather Legged Bantams
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Day Old Hatchery Choice Feather Legged Bantam Chicks

Hatchery choice means those that have not been sold as specific breeds or varieties. We do not guarantee a variety. It is possible to get all of one kind. We do not mark or record the kind sent.

Breeds may include hatchery choice of Silkies, Cochins, Frizzled Cochins, d'Uccles, Brahmas, and Sultans.

The feather-legged bantam chicken breeds are placid and docile, a good family bird, and the feathers that adorn their feet make their scratching in gardens minimal. They also come in a variety of attractive colors. Silkies come with soft tufts of feathers that make them look like adorable little pom-poms. These fluffy poultry are a fan favorite and make a great addition to any backyard.

Production: Feather-legged bantams are not very high egg producers, so they are not a good choice if high egg production is your goal.

Temperament: Feather-legged bantams are incredibly docile and have a typically pleasant and quiet temperament.

History: The earliest history of these feather-footed birds come from the 1800s when they were introduced from China where they were called Shanghai's.

Color: While all Feather Legged Bantams have those delightfully feathered feet, they do not all come in the same color. Bantams range from the black Cochins, which, as their name implies, have beautiful coal-black feathers, to the silver lace cochin which has a rare and wonderful silver laced plumage.

Status: While the feather-legged bantam varieties are not necessarily considered rare, they are a very popular breed. Because of their popularity, these sweet and fluffy birds usually sell fast from breeders.

Body Type: The bantams are small for chickens, but their bodies appear larger because of the dense covering of fluffy feathers that most varieties of the breed have. The White Langshan of the breed has a sleeker appearance with a curved back and a fine plume of feathers on the tail.

Mature Weight: Feather Legged Bantams vary in weight when fully mature, but are all on the smaller size for chicken breeds. The weight range is usually up to 38 oz for males and up to 34 oz for females.

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Hatchery Choice Feather Legged Bantams

Hatchery Choice Feather Legged Bantams

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