Standard Bronze Turkey Poults

Standard Bronze Turkey Poults
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Day Old Standard Bronze Turkey Poults

  • Meat / Exhibition
  • even temperament, needs room to roam 
  • Tom 25-36 lb Hen 16-20 lb

Developed by early North American colonists by crossing domestic turkeys brought over from Europe and Eastern Wild Turkeys, the Standard Bronze Turkey is the largest American standardized variety of turkey. The Broad Breasted Bronze was developed from the standard, however, do not mistake the two as the Bronze turkey today is still one of the most popular choices being a heritage breed, docile, a good layer, and a good meat bird. This variety is a perfect addition to any backyard flock!

Standard Bronze turkeys are good layers as far as turkeys go, but do not go broody as easily as some other varieties. The Standard Bronze turkey can naturally mate. Being a heritage breed, they grow slower than your broad-breasted turkeys, but they still are a good dual-purpose breed for the homesteader. They will be ready to process at 28 weeks of age!

 The Standard Bronze Turkey was brought to America by colonists in the 1700s, however, it was not until the 1830s, the Bronze name came into place in Rhode Island. This variety was selectively bred further to make the commercial Broad Bronze Turkey, however, the heritage variety is still popular today with its American history behind it. In 1874 the Bronze variety was recognized by the American Poultry Association.


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Standard Bronze Turkey Poults

Standard Bronze Turkey Poults

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