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Call Ducklings
  • By: Christie A.
  • By: December B.
  • By: Robert G.
    Very Happy With Our Purchase. We Received Our Call Ducklings This Morning. We Ordered 16 Hatchery Ch
  • By: matt g.
    excellent birds great customer service! Stand behind their products
  • By: Lex A.
  • By: Melanie M.
    Ordered 6 and arrived all health. Will definitely be ordering more.
  • By: Melanie M.
    Ordered 6 and arrived all health. Will definitely be ordering more.
  • By: Jaclyn B.
  • By: Skylar H.
  • By: Sarah G.
    Very surprised by this. I ordered 16 got 17 and in all the colors. Yes I did add in the notes I want
  • By: Kristin G.
    All 6 of our call ducks arrived healthy and absolutely adorable. One did pass away a week or so late
  • By: Bonnie G.
    I ordered 12 Pastel calls. I received 13, very vigorous and active. No losses. So adorable!!!
  • By: Dawn H.
  • By: MORIAH P.
    our 6 ducklings arrived happy and healthy all the way to MT! They will be a great 4H project for my
  • By: Shay K.
    I ordered 12 white call ducklings, and they arrived in May. They are now full grown, and I couldn't
  • By: Rebecca H.
    All arrived healthy and happy and have great personalities and are so cute! Would highly recommend!
  • By: Sabine G.
    i received 5 healthy ducks and one with a yolk sac that will most likely die
  • By: Sabine G.
    I received 6 white call ducklings, and am very happy with them. They seem to be very healthy and I
  • By: Shirley B.
    I recieved an order of call ducklings from this breeder a couple of weeks ago and I couldnt be happi
  • By: Kourtney H.
    These are gorgeous ducks! I got a healthy mix of both males and females and I ordered two of every v
  • By: Christina E.
    These ducklings are fantastic. They have grown into beautiful birds and my son is so excited to take
  • By: Greg T.
  • By: Carrie B.
  • By: MichaelWalker L.
    I ordered twelve (12) call ducks (mix of Teal, White and Gray), and happily received thirteen (13).
  • By: Kyle K.
  • By: Krystal E.
    My second time ordering. All 12 baby calls arrived healthy and happy. They are true tiny calls. We a
  • By: Sara S.
    Arrived overnight healthy, happy, still the shape of their eggs! Ordering more as we speak!
  • By: Samantha H.
    I ordered six Call Ducks in May, and they all arrived healthy and well. In fact, as soon as I opened
  • By: Mary Williams
    I ordered six assorted ducklings for delivery to California. I got two bibbed, two gray, and two sno
  • By: Erin Lindsey
    Very happy with my call ducklings. I ordered the hatchery choice, so as to get them a little quicke

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Call Ducklings

Call Ducklings

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