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Cornish Cross Broiler Slow Growing
  • By: Donald s.
    I ordered 50 chicks and received 55. One died during shipping but the others are eating and drinking
  • By: Gary D.
  • By: Christina G.
    These birds are like no others, the ability to grow, and become the ultimate meat bird, is really im
  • By: Elmer C.
  • By: Dustin W.
    This is my first experience with this hatchery, so I can't be sure what's going on. But we have chan
  • By: Stephanie M.
    My chicks arrived this morning and all are active and healthy so far.
  • By: Patrick J.
    This is my first order of broilers, and Purely Poultry flock was wonderful in walking me through the
  • By: May C.
  • By: Paul S.
    Recurved strong and healthy chicks, will definitely do business with purely poultry again. The Corni
  • By: Cynthia C.
    Thes chickens never grew to the size I expected them to. They were small.
  • By: Heather W.
  • By: Nathaniel B.
  • By: Thomas R.
    The chicks arrived health and on time. This is my first ever go with meat chickens. I realized after
  • By: Mary H.
  • By: Heather H.
  • By: logan b.
    wow they grow fast! they are calm and easy to care for, and the shipping was free. very pleased with
  • By: Heather M.
  • By: Joshua O.
    we ordered 25 of these but were delivered 28 which was nice because 3 did not make it so we ended up
  • By: Mike P.
    This batch of Cx was not very sturdy. I did not have time to deal with warranty soon enough, I recei
  • By: Jeff D.
  • By: Nathan R.
    Happy and healthy chicks, very pleased with purchase! Thanks!
  • By: Devi J.
    In 8 weeks, our processed whole roaster weights were about 5.5 lbs. This was our first time raising
  • By: James D.
    Ordered 30, got 30. 1 DOA, lost 2 more in 48hrs, but that is about typical....we generally lose 10%
  • By: Carrie S.
    Chicks arrived healthy. I only fed them during the day and raised them for 10 weeks. I tried to get
  • By: Lindsey W.
    Several of my birds were dead on arrival others died within the first 12 hours.
  • By: DAN N.
    Chicks arrived on time and ready to go. I have been raising chickens for years, and this is the best
  • By: john K.
    Birds came in healthy and wonderful! Love the service and product!
  • By: Brian G.
    Receive some chicks Do a. Others not well. Majority were superb. Received in summer, so too cold was
  • By: nicholas l.
    As always purely has meet our needs tear after year great personal assistance
  • By: Frank W.
    I have raised cornish cross, red and black broilers, and dual purpose birds for meat. This strain of

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Cornish Cross Broiler Slow Growing

Cornish Cross Broiler Slow Growing

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