Easter Egger Chickens
  • By: Kira H.
  • By: Russell C.
  • By: Joshua Y.
    Excellent Color healthy birds received birds and 20 hours
  • By: Arthur A.
  • By: Wendy S.
  • By: Tori A.
    Ordered the city special, ended up with a severe cross beak who I tried to feed mush and raise and i
  • By: Athena R.
    Sweet, friendly bird that lay lots of green eggs...will get them again
  • By: Amber P.
  • By: Martin W.
  • By: Kendrick E.
  • By: Greg T.
    I just love these. Was sent an extra and it was actually a hen! Would order again.
  • By: Angela M.
    You get 5 stars but it wont let me change it. Good healthy chicks
  • By: Patti P.
    Chicks are two weeks old and doing great! My first experience raising chicks has been great thanks t
  • By: Victoria S.
    Beautiful chickens, lays good sized pretty pastel eggs.
  • By: priscila b.
  • By: Cesar Vargas
    Very pleasant transaction, to my surprise chicks arrived next day happy, healthy and very active, th
  • By: Meghan Howard
    Easter Eggers are one of my favorites. Purely Poultry's Easter Eggers were outstanding. Beautiful, f

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Easter Egger Chickens

Easter Egger Chickens

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