IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Poultry Industry is under EXTREME demand in 2020. Wait times will be longer than normal and ship dates for laying hens and meat birds are extending into September at this time. PLEASE CHECK THE AVAILABILITY CHART UNDER RESOURCES BEFORE ORDERING. We will assess a $10 cancellation fee for all orders cancelled after the ship date has been assigned. Thank You. BE PATIENT. BE KIND. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


Silkie Bantams
  • By: Oscar T.
  • By: Trisha F.
  • By: Max A.
  • By: Amy L.
    Fast shipment and they are adorable and doing great!
  • By: Angela A.
    Arrived fast and all where healthy . Been 3 weeks and all are still alive . Thank you
  • By: Martin W.
  • By: Tina S.
  • By: Karah M.
  • By: Katrina P.
  • By: Ashley Keldsen
    Ordered on January 2, all chicks arrived alive and healthy. Ordered seven Lavender and eight blues.
  • By: Ronald Belflower
    Chicks arrived fast and healthy, I am pleased with the chicks they are all heavily fuzzy , thats wha

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Silkie Bantams

Silkie Bantams

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