Marek's Vaccination Service
  • By: Jacey K.
  • By: zoe g.
  • By: April A.
  • By: Sylvia F.
  • By: Barbara K.
    Happy I got shots for my chicks. Keeps them healthy and my other girls safe!
  • By: Athena R.
    It must have worked because my birds were not sick and still going strong for 2 years now
  • By: Heather H.
  • By: Abby R.
  • By: Donald S.
  • By: Amber P.
  • By: Laurie B.
  • By: Amy L.
  • By: Shawnee B.
  • By: Linda F.
  • By: Kendrick E.
  • By: Ron M.
    Very healthy chicks and it is nice knowing that they have already been vaccinated.
  • By: Roy H.
  • By: Carolyn S.
  • By: Ed V.
  • By: Rebecca R.
    No problems yet, everyone is alive and healthy. Doing well.
  • By: Matt M.
  • By: Louis C.
  • By: Daniel N.
  • By: Angela M.
    Thanks they all made it through alive and well. I love my chicks
  • By: Ronald S.
    Great results all arrived healthy well crated over just great service
  • By: Patti P.
  • By: Cathy R.
  • By: Katrina P.
  • By: Osaid A.
  • By: Bradley K.

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Marek's Vaccination Service

Marek's Vaccination Service

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