Golden Laced Wyandotte Chickens

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chickens
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Date Added: 02/03/2014

I am a beginner chicken owner and these are the birds that we decided to try out first. We have 15 total; 13 Golden Laced hens, 1 Golden Laced rooster, and 1 Silver Laced rooster. The Silver is more protective of the flock than the Gold, but that may just be how those two specific birds are. They are currently 13 weeks old and have been incredibly healthy the entire time. We gave them electrolytes upon arrival, but it didn't seem to make them any more energetic, possibly because they were already very vibrant.

They all have a blue to green sheen on the black part of their feathers and it is gorgeous! We have not interacted with them much, but they are friendlier by the day. They get along with our four dogs very well (one rottweiler/Australian shepherd mix, one black lab, and two rat terriers). After three or four times of being out of the coop, they are learning to go back in upon hearing a bell and we never had to teach them how to get on their roost (which I have read is an issue for some people). Even though I have had no other birds to compare them to, I like to think that these are very intelligent. I often call them "the best chickens ever". I would recommend this breed to anyone.

Also, the customer service for Purely Poultry is fantastic! They were very helpful every time I communicated with them. Thank you Purely Poultry!
by Laura Truax

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