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by: Geneva T.

Thursday 06 October, 2022

THANK YOU for my jumbo guinea babies! And Thank you for my 'additional' guinea added to my flock of 15. All jumbo guinea babies arrived via mail, safe and in good health.

The jumbo guineas are 2 months and 1 week old now. I herd them with a long Shepard's hook out to fields of grasshoppers, ticks, moths, crickets etc.

I herd them with a Shepard's hook walking stick sort of the way people of Asia herd and walk their ducks. I hand feed them meal worms and give them a call of Guinea, Guinea, Guinea, kind of like Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. They come running to me when I call them and they are not scared of me. I control them, if needed, with a bag of meal worms. They love meal worms. Meal worms are great for training guineas to simply trust you, come to you, follow you. I imagine you could do so much more in training guineas with meal worms if needed. To me, the guineas are quite smart and fast learners if one spends the time needed to teach your guineas.

Thanks again. I love my Jumbo Guineas. We plan on buying more Jumbo Guineas March 2023.
Sincerely, Geneva

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