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An Introduction to Heritage Breeds is written by D. Phillip Sponenberg, Jeannette Beranger, and Alison Martin who are three experts from the Livestock Conservancy and is published by farming and homesteading publisher, Storey Publishing. Considering the breadth and scope of examining heritage breeds of poultry as well as other farm animals, this is an intense book, 240 pages of guidance.

An Introduction to Heritage Breeds covers crucial information for all serious and conscientious breeders and is an informative book for anyone interested in preserving the bloodlines of heritage breeds.

If you are a small farm or a backyard homestead, you should consider raising heritage breeds as they are truly meant to perform and thrive in these environments. This book can act as a guide for you in making choices of breeds for your farm or homestead as well as clearly explaining why these breeds are important and how they are productive. An Introduction to Heritage Breeds also takes the reader through how to raise and breed these rare and important breeds as well as how to work to preserve bloodlines.

This book includes full descriptions of heritage breeds of chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, sheep, pigs, rabbits, goats, cattle, horses, and even donkeys. Each breed's specific needs and characteristics are clearly defined in an effort to give the reader all the info needed to select the right breed for his/her situation.

The clarity and smoothness of the writing along with clear and useful diagrams and the breed profiles will inspire you to return to An Introduction to Heritage Breeds for years to come and guarantee it a spot in your research library.

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Introduction to Heritage Breeds

Introduction to Heritage Breeds

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