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Jumbo Pekin Duck Eggs

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This strain of Pekin, the Jumbo Pekin, is the biggest Pekin Duck available. Starting with hatching eggs is an economical and fun way to start your flock of these big white ducks. 

Jumbo Pekins are pure white with bright yellow-orange bills and feet. Their plumage is thick and plush. These Jumbo Pekins are not for exhibition or show purposes, but they are absolutely perfect if you are looking for a fast growing duck for meat production.

If these Jumbo Pekins are provided with a constant source of food, males can grow to over 11 pounds and females to over 9 pounds in just 12 weeks or three months. If you are raising these birds for pets or for breeding and eggs, we suggest that you do not free feed and keep them on a diet, so they don't get quite so large. Slim and trim Pekins exhibit increased egg production and fertility. Pekins can lay over 100 eggs per year. 

Jumbo Pekins are gregarious ducks. They are very talkative and friendly ducks and make good pets and enjoyable additions to the small farm and barnyard. 

Like all ducks, these Jumbo Pekins need a source of bathing water. 

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Jumbo Pekin Duck Eggs

Jumbo Pekin Duck Eggs

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