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Looking to add beauty and intrigue to your property? Our Juvenile Peafowl Packages are a great option. You will receive juvenile peafowl, straight run (unsexed), in hatchery choice colors. The Standard Peafowl Package may include India Blue, Spalding, Black Shoulder or White Peacocks. The Deluxe Peafowl Package may include Bronze, Peach Pied, Opal White Eyes, White, Spalding, Black Shoulder, Purple Pied, or India Blue Peacocks. 

Peafowl are stunning members of the pheasant family. The Male is referred to the peacock and is well known for his train of feathers. The hen is called the peahen,and their chicks are called peachicks. They come in a variety of colors and are kept mainly for backyard beauty. When the peacocks molt at the end of their season, their feathers make extravagant centerpieces and can be used for many arts and crafts as well. 

Production: Peahens reach maturity at around two to three years of age, however they can lay as early as one year of age. The eggs are a light brown color and similar to size as a turkey egg. A peahen can lay 30 eggs in a given season, which is about late spring to early summer. Peahens can make good mothers and brood their young. Peafowl can live up to 20 years of age in captivity.

Temperament: Peafowl are not docile as a pet per se, but can be tamed to stay on their grounds and eat from your hand. They prefer to be looked at more than touched. Both genders make a loud call when in danger or breeding. 

History:  Peafowl are known for their novelty and feathers. Many cultures use them for symbolic meanings, others consider them a delicacy and eat them. People in China first imported and domesticated this species. More than 4000 years ago, the species was introduced into the Mesopotamian cultures. The Phoenicians introduced the peacock to Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. The Romans, in the 16th century enjoyed the peafowl as ornamental and table birds. Once turkeys came into the mix, the peafowl was more used as an ornamental bird.

Colors: This species comes in a variety  of colors including Black Shoulder, Blue, Blue Pied and Spaldings, White, and Blue White-Eyed

Body Type: These are long ovoid shaped birds with a crest on the head. The males have a train that can be 5 foot in length. Every year the train becomes more prominent and longer and can take a year to grow from peachick stage. 

Standard Weights: 8.75-13 pounds

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Juvenile Peafowl Package

Juvenile Peafowl Package

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